Big shout out to these guys here today. Without them, my passions would not be alive and happening.

Next time you feel tired, unmotivated, nervous, or anxious, remember: you are blessed with the ability to move and run and jump and climb. You have been given wonderful working muscles that do incredible things and are capable of wonderful endeavors.

So next time you feel like giving up because it hurts, or you’re tired, or “it’s too hard,” think about the person sitting with an injury, an illness, and do it for them. Do it because YOU CAN. Do it because you have been given a beautifully made and wonderfully working body.

My coach said that you can train and put in the work, but if you’re not confident you’re not going to achieve. The mental stuff is all that can hold you back; you can train really hard but you have to stay mentally tough, mentally focused and be mentally confident about what you’ve trained for and what you’ve set your mind to.
Elise Cranny (via nine-run-run)